Adopt a Beanie Boo

Party Packages - Party Duration 2 hours

Standard Package - $350

Includes delivery, setup and pack up of props to your home or park.

  • Grooming props: sign,baths, hoses, washers, brushes, combs, dryer, soap bottles.

  • Vet hospital: sign, stethoscopes, printed checklists

  • Decorate a house: sign

  • Make a collar : sign

  • 3 collars, 1 lead for display

  • Vet checklists (printed on paper)

  • Adoption certificates (printed on paper)

  • Blue rises

  • Reusable bingo cards x 30 with washable markers


  • Table setup with printed vinyl backdrop

  • Linen pink table cloth

  • 4 kids tables for activities

  • Plastic table covers

  • 20 kids chairs

  • 4 dog bowls for craft

  • 3 white cake stands

  • 2 white square platters

  • Drink dispenser

  • 6 table signs

  • 4 small metal buckets

  • 3 Large Beanie Boos for display (pink unicorn, Giraffe, Zebra)

  • Regular Beanie Boos for display upon request

What You Will Need

  •  Your own food drinks to be served 

  • Beanie Boos, for guests to play with and take home.

  • Boxes or bags, textas and stickers for decorate your house.

  • Beads and thread for collar making

  • Bandages and Bows (ribbon) optional

Optional Extras

  • A cute addition to your Beanie Boo setup is our gorgeous Sweets Cart. You can hire this for an additional $50 which comes with extra props.