Pit Lane Party

Party Packages - Party Duration 2 hours

Standard Package - $450

Includes delivery, setup and pack up of props to either your home or a park


  • Pit lane entry way

  • 4 Kids tables with plastic checked table cloth

  • Up to 20 kids chairs

  • Licence making with licence and lanyards provided for up to 20 kids

  • Coupe cars / vehicles x9 

  • Vintage car

  • Car wash

  • Buckets and sponges

  • Traffic lights

  • 2 Lots of 3 tyres for display

  • Stop/ Slow sign

  • Petrol bowser

  • Mechanic area with bench and tools

  • Panels of white fencing 

  • Bunting

  • 1 large white cake stand

  • 2 medium white cake stands

  • 4 Large and 2 small witches hats

  • Trestle table with "race fans welcome" table cloth

Book A Party 

What You Will Need

  •  Your own food drinks to be served 

  • Prizes/ goodie bags

  • More games if required (races and give out mini trophies etc.)

  • A black plastic road can be added to the party space to create a road (cannot go on grass) for an additional fee. 

  • If you are having your party on the grass, a great idea is to mow a track into the grass for the party.  

 Best suited to 2, 3 & 4yr old car enthusiasts as they fit best in the coupe cars.


Older siblings can help by being the mechanic or petrol attendant.